Since 2010, we are running our own cable-manufactory. Initiated to produce the internal wiring for our tonearms, we very soon started to produce direct wiring (conductor in one piece from cartridge to phono-stage). In the meantime, the portfolio has been enlarged to seperate Phono- and Line-cables.


Thales Phono Cable

  • Phono Cable for MC-input
  • RCA, XLR or DIN plugs
  • Purest copper wiring
  • 1m - 3m (Standard: 1.5m)

Thales Line Cable

  • Line Cable
  • RCA or XLR plugs
  • Purest copper wiring
  • 1m - 3m (Standard: 1.5m)

Isolation Platform

  • Decoupling base for our turntables
  • Specifically designed for each TTT model
  • Defined interconnection and resonance properties
  • Up to -15dB damping properties

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