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STEREO SOUND Grand Prix 2015 for TTT-Slim / Easy

I am happy to announce our new turntable TTT-Slim with Thales Easy tonearm got honoured with the coveted award from STEREO SOUND in Japan. I want to thank our Japanese distributor Yukimu and all our production team for excellent work.

Micha Huber


Review by Jack Roberts on dagogo:

"The Thales TTT-Slim and Easy is a very nice turntable and tonearm system in a very small package, while also incredibly easy to set up for a high-end turntable.

... I think either the tonearms from Thales or linear tracking tonearms are solving a real, theoretical and mathematical problem.

In the end, the Thales Slim and Easy is a truly wonderful sounding analogue source and one I could easily live with."

Canada HiFi

Review in CANADA HiFi, October 2015

"I sincerely feel that the Thales TTT Slim represents a paradigm shift in the world of turntables where the relationship between size & weight of a turntable and its sonic performance has been redefined. I have not come across a turntable of these compact dimensions that squeezes out so much of soul satisfying performance from well-recorded vinyl records. If there is another turntable in this price range that explores the grooves more thoroughly and extracts information with greater accuracy than the Thales TTT Slim, I have not heard it!"

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