Haute Fidélité Réference
Stereo Sound Grand Prix 2012
STEREO Klang Niveau 100%
hi-finews highly commended
Best of LP 10 years

The extraordinary design and performance of our tangential pivoted tonearm Simplicity required a fitting turntable. The compact Thales Turntable with battery-drive (TTT-C) is made to match the Simplicity tonearm perfectly in all aspects: technically, optically and tonally. It provides the most accurate and harmonic sound possible, in a compact and sublime design never seen before.


Based on the experience that a turntable with its tonearm should be one single unit, we have designed our own turntable which is manufactured in our workshop piece by piece and meets highest requirements. We are convinced about the sublime and compact design can provide mechanical stability which could never be reached by a more extensive concept. Each of the 100 parts has been carefully designed to perform its function in the overall concept perfectly.


Our short-belt-drive system combines the moment of inertia of motor and flywheel effective to the main platter. Since the rotary-speed of motor and flywheel is 15x higher, they are very important sonically. This hard coupling has been made possible by a careful calculated spring-element, which keeps all vibration away from the chassis, but does not allow the motor to move axially.


The most modern battery-drive system (peak capacity 1kW) offers more than 16 hours listening without connection to the supply network. The battery can be fully charged within several hours. Together with our ductile-cast-iron bearing, the high density inlay of the platter and the carefully designed spikes, a quality in music playback is reached which let everyone forget about all the technical details.

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