We decided that the extraordinary design and performance of our tangential pivoted tonearms required a fitting turntable. The newly designed Thales Turntable (TTT) is made to match our tonearms perfectly in all aspects: technically, optically and tonally. Based on the experience that a turntable with its tonearm should be one single unit, we have created a modular system that is flexible but looks harmonic as well. Each of the 125 parts has been carefully designed to perform its function perfectly.


A precision brushless motor is coupled to the platter by a short belt. The whole drive system is arranged underneath the platter. The motor is driven by a specifically designed analogue power unit and this is housed in a separate case. The main bearing combines traditional craftsmanship with modern materials: rotational guidance is controlled by two brass elements, treated with diamond-tools, while the vertical force is supported by a spherical carbide element.


The TTT comes with a spring-loaded clamp mechanism. This ensures the contact between the record and the platter is the same all over. Three decoupling ball element feet support the whole turntable; these allow excellent decoupling of the turntable. The TTT can be configured to allow one or two tonearms to be fitted and it comes in an elegant black finish with silver edges.

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