Stereophile August 2019

Review on TTT-Slim II and Thales Simplicity II

Art Dudley: "In 34 years of writing about playback gear, I have seen no products better made than the Thales turntable and tonearm, and precious few that equal them."


Manufactory Turbenthal

To gain more space for the production of both, THALES and EMT products, HiFiction AG has moved to a new location. Turbenthal is a village close to Winterthur and Zurich airport. We are settled in former spinning mill which was built in 1833 and has been carefully refurbished.


Artikel im Tössthaler

Genie und Technik - die High-End-Plattenspieler aus Turbenthal


NZZ Stil - Hohelied in High Fidelity

Uhrmacherei trifft auf Unterhaltungselektronik: Micha Hubers Plattenspieler lassen Musikgeniesser wie Puristen aufhorchen.

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