The brand Thales started in creating a unique geometry for analogue audio tracking. This principle combines in an elegant way the advantages of the tried and tested pivoted tonearm with the absolutely tangential tracking. This construction for which a patent was taken out on the 8th of May 2004 reduces the perfectly tangential tracking to pivot points, while the pick-up cartridge is taken and aligned on the Thales' Circle.

Animation (Java needed)


Bitte schalten Sie Java ein, um eine Cinderella-Konstruktion zu sehen.


Move point C in the animation above over the record area in order to see the tangential tracking on the Thales' Circle. All triangles ABC on the Thales' Circle around M are rectangular in point C. Thus BC stands rectangular to AC and therefore tangential to the groove (red) with the radius AC. Because the pick-up cartridge is mounted exactly under point C and in the alignment of the straight line BC the tracking is perfectly tangential in every position.

From this completely new solution the following advantages ensue:
- no tracking error and no consequential resulting distortions
- minimal friction because of pivot bearings; no linear bearings; no active tracking
- short tonearm with little resonance
- symmetric inertia at the tracking point in all axles
- reducing of the skating force because of minimizing the ofsett-angle towards the center

In the meantime, the Thales portfolio has grown and we offer tonearms, turntables and accessories to meet high standards of music playback.


® Thales is a registered trademark of HiFiction AG