Simplicity: No more tracking error. 0.008° is enough.


The Simplicity is the fellow of the revolutionary Thales tonearm. Its geometry is based on a newly created tetragon solution which reduces the tracking error to a maximum of 0.008°. We agree - this value is too small to be of any interest.

But it might well be interesting that this tonearm uses the same bearing technology as the Thales tonearm. Six jewels and four subminiature ball bearings make sure that the friction and clearance are within our state-of-the-art tolerances. The intrinsic frequencies of the two tonearm tubes are carefully tuned up in inharmonic proportions to even top the damping properties of any single-arm design.

The Simplicity comes with a special tool to make sure that the installation is as precise as the manufacturing. The headshell can be taken apart easily for the exact placing of the cartridge. The Simplicity is available in three different colors: Bronze, Grey and Black.


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