HiFiction AG


The manufactory HiFiction AG is located in Winterthur, Switzerland. All our company is specialized in producing the most precise equipment for analogue tracking.

For this goal, we do combine most modern technologies as CAD, micromechanic-assembling, surface-treatment and prototyping with very traditional craftmanship and expirience from older days.

In May 2012, we have moved to our new workshop in Hegi. In the 3rd floor of an indistrual building we do have a lot of space and light to ensure the perfect enviroment for our engineering, manufacturing and assemling processes.





Micha Huber
Inventor of the Thales Tonearm


It all began when Micha Huber sought for a way to combine the advantages of a conventional tonearm and those of a linear tangential pick-up arm. The solution method is based on the well-known elementary school aid to construct a tangent: the Thales circle.

After much thought, endless sketches and calculations, a three-dimensional mechanical solution emerged that satisfies all the requirements placed on a modern pick-up system - provided the mechanics functions as precisely and reliably as a Swiss Watch.

The long-cherished dream of geometrically correct sensing with low friction pivot bearings became reality. A new patent was added to the dozens of existing patents that testify to this dream: CH 694567 - Tangential Pivoted Tonearm, announced in May 2004.

Micha Huber was trained both as a mechanical engineer and a professional musician. After working five years in the field of developing finest Swiss watches he launched his own company: HiFiction AG. Within this company his dream of combining music and mechanics, culture and precision, became reality.



Ramona Huber (with Leon)


After her basic training at the business school, Ramona Huber studied music and became a graduated music teacher. Some days a month, she works for HiFiction AG, doing administration and accountancy.

In April 2012, our son Leon was born. He likes to join his parents at work and makes sure we are busy all the time.

Daniel Schmid


Daniel Schmid is a Swiss watchmaker and has many years of experience in assembling finest Swiss watches. We are very happy about his decision to bring his know-how into the assembling of the Thales and Simplicity tonearms.

His work guaranties not only keeping the quality on the highest level possible, but to realize new developments as well. Beside his engagement in micromechanics and High-End-Audio, Daniel Schmid is a passionate mountaineer and crystal-finder.

Mike Alessi
Turntable Assembling


Mike Alessi joins the HiFiction team since October 2012. He is responsible for the assembling of our turntables as well as for the surface treatment of all tonearm-parts.

Besides that, he cares about packing, shipping and logistics in our small manufactory.

Ladina Britt


Ladina Britt started at HiFiction AG in September 2013. As a skilled stained-glass artist she strengthens our team in the field of craftmanship, especially in micromechanical assembling.

Marcel Widmer
Production Support


Marcel Widmer is a vinyl-lover and got in touch with Micha Huber because of his deep knowledge in the early-music-scene. He is responsible for all production support to improve both, the quality and efficiency of all the assembling processes.

® Thales is a registered trademark of HiFiction AG