New review published

Review by Marshall Nack on positive feedback: "With this table/arm combo Thales has realized some very savvy design innovations and put it in a compact, user friendly package that is also beautiful to gaze upon. The TTT Compact II table is very good at its price point. However, the Simplicity II tonearm is beyond that. It is worthy of being mounted on the world's best tables."


New product launch: TTT-Slim II

We are glad to announce our newest product: The TTT-Slim II. This sophisticated turntable/tonearm combination meets the highest expectations with very good price-performance ratio.


Analog Grand Prix 2017

We are honoured to be awarded with the Analog Grand Prix 2017 by the Japanese magazine for our new turntable TTT-Compact II. We are thankful to our distributor Yukimu for their excellent work.