Salon Haute Fidelite Paris

We are present at the Salon Haute Fidelite in Paris. We will show our turntable TTT-Compact II with a special edition of the Simplicity II tonearm in blue colour. Please visit us in Forum C.


Die Faszination der Geometrie

Lothar Brandt: "Wir sind im Himalaya der analogen Kunst. […] Wir können dem Thales hörend, ohne Sauerstoffmaske, dorthin folgen. Aber bei dieser klanglichen Höchstleistung kann uns schon einmal die Luft wegbleiben. Faszinierend, diese Geometrie."


TTT-Slim II awarded in France

The manufacturer took us by surprise before, when we tested his turntable TTT-compact some years ago. «We listen to very well–known records […], a turntable enters the studio and gets out of them simply more music», was Patrice Philippe’s conclusion at that time. We marvel just as much at the brand’s introduction package Thales TTT Slim II. It is beautiful, finished off magnificently, at the top of current technology, and it sings as a diva. Recommended.