The List - Five of the Bst Turntables

The sound seems to spring from the blackness of deep space with incredible bottom-end extension, and absolutely flawless timing to my ears with a tight, fluid sound full of true tone and timbre...


Premiere: Thales Statement

After building finest tonearms for ten years, Micha Huber contributes all experience into a new piece of art: The THALES STATEMENT. This most exclusive tonearm is based on the famous correction-mechanism for tangential pivoted tracking and stands out with advanced mechanical solution for unbelievable sound experience. Please find some information in the whitepaper below.


Thales Statement Preview


Thales factory tour

Roy Gregory visits Thales: "... besides the sheer musical satisfaction it delivered, one other thing stuck in my mind: the abiding memory of the silky-smooth operation of the Simplicity II. Every time I changed a record it was impossible not to marvel at the precision, feel and total freedom of the tonearm’s movement. "


Analog Grand Prix 2017

We are honoured to be awarded with the Analog Grand Prix 2017 by the Japanese magazine for our new turntable TTT-Compact II. We are thankful to our distributor Yukimu for their excellent work.