Premiere: Thales Statement

After more than one yeare development time, our most exclusive tonearm has been launched at the 5th audioExotics Super Hi-end Show in Hong Kong. Please find some information in the whitepaper below.


Thales Statement Preview


Thales factory tour

Roy Gregory visits Thales: "... besides the sheer musical satisfaction it delivered, one other thing stuck in my mind: the abiding memory of the silky-smooth operation of the Simplicity II. Every time I changed a record it was impossible not to marvel at the precision, feel and total freedom of the tonearm’s movement. "


Analog Grand Prix 2017

We are honoured to be awarded with the Analog Grand Prix 2017 by the Japanese magazine for our new turntable TTT-Compact II. We are thankful to our distributor Yukimu for their excellent work.