NZZ Stil - Hohelied in High Fidelity

Uhrmacherei trifft auf Unterhaltungselektronik: Micha Hubers Plattenspieler lassen Musikgeniesser wie Puristen aufhorchen.


Die Faszination der Geometrie

Lothar Brandt: "Wir sind im Himalaya der analogen Kunst. […] Wir können dem Thales hörend, ohne Sauerstoffmaske, dorthin folgen. Aber bei dieser klanglichen Höchstleistung kann uns schon einmal die Luft wegbleiben. Faszinierend, diese Geometrie."


TTT-Compact II & Simplicity II review by Roy Gregory

"Its compact musical presentation could well form the basis of a long-lasting audio association, a compact indeed. [...] But above all, appreciate just how musically powerful they are when used in concert."


Thales factory tour by Roy Gregory

...besides the sheer musical satisfaction it delivered, one other thing stuck in my mind: the abiding memory of the silky-smooth operation of the Simplicity II. Every time I changed a record it was impossible not to marvel at the precision...


Review on positive feedback by Marshall Nack

"This thing is fast! And dynamic as all get out! I was stunned by the vitality of low-level passages and timbres that were remarkably well-developed."